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This option of the DISPLAY command generates a show of 1 line DAPS bulletins saved via the system. Bulletins could also be chosen by time vary utilizing optionally available “since” and “until” arguments. date/time – specifies the date and time of creation of a particular piece of mail.

In general, a DAPS switchover takes less than 90 seconds. F. Monitors the quality of all DCS platform message knowledge ingested, DCS Demodulator status, communications circuits, and so on. At the onset of DAPS operations every DCS major person or DCP owner had a minimum of one UNL outlined. For new or secondary DCP knowledge users the UNLs must be outlined as set forth in this manual using the ADD command. A quick name by which all customers are known by the DAPS.

Refer to Appendix B for a full description of the parameters displayed. This option of the DISPLAY command generates a abstract report of all platforms owned by the consumer for the earlier month. This choice of the DISPLAY command generates a show online of an entry in the Platform Description Table for the required platform. This option of the DISPLAY command generates a display of DAPS log entries indicating modifications to the Platform Description Table .

This command is restricted to users whose main technique of message dissemination is by way of DOMSAT. The PLATFORM_ID possibility requests retransmission of all messages received from the required platform. If a parity “?” error was detected in the obtained DCP message data or any other error related daps online to the message (apart from a “PDT RECORD IS NOT COMPLETE” (kind “N”) error). The appropriate error message will be generated and the DCP will be re-interrogated. This option of the DOWNLOAD command transfers all person modifiable parameters of the consumer’s entry within the User Description Table.

daps online

By using the DISPLAY_PARMS or DI PDT command the user can look at the entire contents of the DCP’s information report. platform_id – DCP tackle of the platform to be displayed. until – optionally available time argument specifying the top time of a time range during which to seek for log entries. since – optional time argument specifying the beginning time of a time vary in which to search for log entries.


To monitor the status between each methods, the DAPS uses a LAN bridge and an RS 232 backup. On these links, the methods continuously transfer status messages. If an error condition is detected within the DAPS software program, the backup system will execute an computerized failover or switchover. When this happens, the PRIME DAPS pc’s files must be closed and its interfaces disabled. During this process, DCP data is being retained by each methods and shall be transmitted as soon because the switchover is complete.

platform_id – DCP address of the platform to be commanded. The BACKWARD instructions is used to display the previous page of a DAPS multi-page display. Certain commands settle for optionally available arguments which have default values if not entered.

  • The ensuing message is then received, verified, and checked by the DAPS.
  • When commanded the DCS a hundred bps check transmitter sends a canned message to the satellite tv for pc.
  • Also, non-printable ASCII characters (e.g. DEL) will appear with as a “$”, and prohibited DCS characters will be displayed with a “$”.
  • If a message is received in error or not received, an error is posted.
  • The GOES DCS check transmitters are designed such that they will transmit on any GOES DCS channel manually by way of operator command or automatically via the DAPS.
  • The DCS TT insures that every one energetic DCS receive channels are functioning correctly.

Messages are downloaded in the format that they are received by the DAPS system. The DAPS system inserts a header at the beginning of every message. See Appendix D for an outline of the format of a downloaded message. This possibility of the DISPLAY command generates a show of knowledge on all currently outlined DCP Radio Sets in the Radio Description Table. The optional arguments, manufacturer_id and model_id, could also be used to display particular technical info on a selected DCPRS.

The UPDATE USER command offers a method for a consumer to switch or update the info fields of selected parameters of their User Description Table document. The DCP consumer might only UPDATE the parameters recognized Appendix B, on page B-5. The UPDATE PLATFORM command offers a means for a person to change or update the information fields of chosen parameters within the Platform Description Table for a DCP owned by the consumer. The DCP owner might solely UPDATE the parameters identified Appendix B, on pages B-2 through B-four.

SUBMIT or batch commands may be entered interactively or concatenated from a consumer created ASCII or DOS textual content file. The SUBMIT command is used to submit instructions for batch execution. This may be helpful to the user with file switch capabilities who has a large number of DAPS DBMS table updates to make. This may also outcome in the generation “BAD DCP ADDRESS” (type “B”) error message. If no reply is acquired within the interrogation window.

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If the opposite parameters are within tolerance, and only frequency is showing drift tendencies, it’s potential that its frequency supply, the TCXO, may need some alignment. Conversely, if the frequency parameter is inside tolerance and the EIRP is lowered, it may be because of some blockage or pointing error within the transmission path, bad antenna connections, or a failure.

An energetic information collection platform is one that is reporting frequently as designed. Interrogate and Self-Timed platforms are thought of active if they report a minimum of as soon as in each 48 hour interval. A Random Reporting platform is considered energetic whether daps online it is considered lively by its owner and has reported at least once. A.three.4. When used as a diagnostic device, the DAMS Quality Measurements can present the person with priceless info regarding the operational standing of the DCP’s.

An omitted elective argument is indicated on the command line by utilizing a spot holding comma and a space ‘, ‘ or a delimiting blank . When updating a DAPS UDT or PDT parameter, quotation marks (” “) must enclose a textual content string with embedded blanks. The user must precisely identify the parameter to be up to date as shown in Appendix B and enclose any knowledge area entries which include clean spaces in quotes (” “). This part offers some general data applicable to the entry of all DAPS commands.

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daps online

The FORWARD commands is used to display the subsequent page of a DAPS multi-web page show. list_id – specifies which of the network lists to switch. The number of messages downloaded per request is proscribed . When specifying ‘since’ and ‘until’ arguments, be sure to specify a time vary broad enough to incorporate the total transmission time of a message so as to ensure the message is chosen.

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